A Letter to Freshmen


Anna Twitty

Freshman boys gather around the lunch table to eat and chat

Dear Freshman,

As a senior, I should not be sharing this information, but I’ve decided to ignore my better judgment and help provide you all with hints to surviving not only your freshman year, but all of high school.

High school is a breeding ground for drama and confusion. Insecurity reigns supreme in these halls. Though this may instill fear and worry in your hearts, do not fret. If done right, high school also allows for independence. It can foster the growth of self confidence, diversity, and most of all, individuality. High school allows everyone to find his or her own passions and interests. Believe it or not, other people do share your interests. You are not alone.

One of the most important recommendations I can relay to you is to focus on your studies and work hard. There are countless accounts of an unsuccessful freshman year resulting in a low grade point average that is very difficult to raise. The importance of freshman year on your GPA is too often overlooked. You all must realize that you are capable of success in the classroom no matter your schedule.

If you remember one thing from this letter, let it be this: do not be afraid. Do not be afraid to shout your ideas, to make yourself known, to “let your freak flag fly”. You are who you are for a reason, so own it. Individuality will be your saving grace at Adams. There is no use putting up a facade for people who will not matter in the grand scheme of things. Cheer loudly in the student section and participate in pep assemblies. As a freshman, own your inferiority and make the best of it.

Now for suggestions specific to Adams. Do not, I repeat, do not, sit on any bench in the school until you are of “eligible age”.  Specific grades are assigned to specific benches. This may seem harsh, but it is a widely accepted tradition in this school. Do not stand anywhere near the bottom of the student section at sporting events. There is a specific order to which everyone stands; seniors in the front and freshmen in the back. This is very important and this rule may not be ignored. Seniority rules the school.

As you enter high school and begin a new chapter in your life, please remember this letter. Remember to enjoy every moment and to embrace your time here. Though you may be counting down the days until the end of your dreaded freshman year, remember that you are only this young once.