Varsity Cheer Team Wins Big


Jill Rourke

The team celebrates their victory and earning a medal for their hard work.

This past weekend, the Rochester Adams Varsity Cheer Team was extremely successful, taking third place out of thirteen in the Cougar Spirit Invite at Stoney Creek High School.

Before stepping onto the mat to take on 13 incredibly talented teams, the girls prepared for their competition by warming up so that they could become more focused. The team was pumped up and ready to go as they began their first round. In this first round, the girls showed off  skills like synchronization, formation, and vocal projection.

In Round 2, judges looked for precision in the team’s tumbling skills. In the final routine of this round, the team was determined and prepared. They carried out complicated stunts with extreme attentiveness and, of course, minimal mistakes. The girls have been practicing five times a week and compete every weekend in the hopes of improving precision and rankings within their division.

“Our team came off the mat and we were all so proud of ourselves. We beat [Stoney Creek] which was the first time in a long time; we also beat Southgate and they have won state finals three years in a row, and [we also beat] Grandville who won state finals last year. So we beat three really impressive teams which we were extremely proud of and it was really exciting,” said sophomore varsity cheerleader Allison Mars.

“Finally being recognized for all our hard work is a great feeling and is something that will motivate us in future competitions,” said senior varsity cheerleaders Katie Rourke and Renee Salem.

“All over the gym, jaws dropped at the performance these girls put on,” said Head Coach Brooke Miller. “As a coach, there is nothing better than finally seeing your team’s confidence change in front of your eyes. Saturday’s performance at Stoney Creek High School was stacked with very skilled teams. This was one of my proudest moments as a coach, and I can’t wait to see what this team will do with the rest of the season.”

The girls keep improving their skills, and thanks to the team’s hard work, the Adams varsity cheer team is doing better than it has in a long time. The varsity team’s next competition is the Royal Rumble on January 23 at Rochester High School.