The Playoffs Pressure


Amy Patton

Junior wide receiver Anthony Patritto catching a perfect pass.

Abby Stone, Editor

Playoffs are known to be the most intense and crucial point in the season for the Rochester Adams varsity football team. On Sunday, October 21st the team gathered at RJ’s Pub for selection Sunday, the day they announce which teams will be versing each other for the first round of playoffs. With all eyes glued to the pub’s TV screens, the athletes were ecstatic to discover that not only were they in playoffs against Lakeland High School, but that it was also a home game. The team lucked out with getting one last home game considering the fact that they had only obtained one playoff point (points earned for every game won during the regular season) higher than Lakeland. This being noted, the varsity football team was hyped up for the week to come.

As the week leading up to the big game went on, the players worked harder than ever.

“During the season as a whole, and especially during playoffs week, the coaches always pushed every player to their limit and tried to get the absolute best from everyone. Our practices don’t have one second where we are not doing something or getting better, as every drill has a purpose,” said senior and captain Connor Hess.

Evidently, the team set their focus and ambition all week on this specific game.

On Friday, October 26th, the day the football team had been anxiously waiting for all week, finally arrived. The boys padded up and were ready to take on Lakeland. The team started off strong making the first touchdown of the game. Lucky for them, their opponents missed their field goal after a touchdown, thus ending the quarter ahead by one point at 7-6.

The intensity heightened as the second quarter went on. The football players continued to play as hard as they could for each and every play. Unfortunately, junior quarterback, Carter Ferris, took a hard fall near the end of the quarter. Ferris, in crucial pain, could not stand on his own two feet and was taken out on a stretcher. However, this devastating injury motivated the team to push themselves even further. Senior kicker, Ben Patton, completed a field goal following the incident and put an end to second quarter still one point ahead of Lakeland at 10-9. At this point, Adams knew they would have to fight harder than they ever imagined.

The players returned to the field after halftime, ready to finish with a win. Junior backup quarterback, Jerry Garrett, stepped in for Ferris as quarterback. The boys continued to hold up a front against Lakeland finishing an intensified quarter at 10-9.

As fourth quarter began and the game neared the end, the Highlanders scored a touchdown. However, so did Lakeland in the quarter’s final minute. As a Lakeland player slipped away from the defensive players’ grasp, the last quarter came to an end with a tie of 17-17.

In overtime, Adams played it safe making a field goal for three more points. But on Lakeland’s possession, they scored a touchdown. Although the game was close, the Highlanders season came to an end with a final score of 20-23.

Amy Patton
The Rochester Adams football players lined up in overtime.

“When something ends you always feel sad because you spend so much time towards it. When it ends in sports it ends abruptly and you can’t predict it. However, you must be prepared for it and when it happens it takes you back a little bit and you reflect. This is part of what makes the team, coaches, and players so great because they can think about all of the hard work and accomplishments they’ve conquered and they can fully appreciate their effort,” said head defensive coordinator Mark MacFarland.

With that being said, the 2018 Rochester Adams varsity football team should still feel accomplished for their dedication and commitment. Their overall performance during this season has proven that hard work does pay off, making it to the playoffs. Adams football illustrates the way of the Highlander: determined and devoted