The Adams Student Section Is Off to the Races


Audrey Wang

The student section would be incomplete without the celebratory gong.

Caroline Gage and Anna Twitty, Staff Writers

The new year has begun and the student section this year has hit the ground running, ready to take back the number one position in the state, according to The D Zone. The student body will follow the leadership of seniors Quinn Mickens, Jackson Hohauser, and Sam “Slam” Addy. These boys are ready to take on the challenge and help make students proud to be a Highlander.


“The goal from day one was to be #1 in the state,” Hohauser said. The boys and the rest of the student body will use the Twitter page, The D Zone, to help them become the best student section in the state. Students can use the trending hashtags, “#SSS” and “#TheDZone” to rack up points for the leading position. Last year was the start of Adams’ success as a top contender in this Twitter competition, and Mickens, Hohauser and Addy plan to continue this tradition.


These leaders have the challenge of developing ways for students to become more involved in sporting events and improving  school spirit in general. A goal for this year is “to get involved, to have school spirit, and to influence the freshman in the right way,” said Hohauser. It is to the boys’ advantage that Mickens’ younger sister is a freshman, so they can reach out to her and her friends to get reluctant freshman more involved.


This year’s focus is to bring a student section to every sporting event. As Addy puts it, “make every sport like football.” In the past, other sports teams have not received much recognition from students and the senior boys plan to change that. They want the Adams spirit to reach players and students alike.


The student section’s charm has even impressed the Adams administrators and they see a positive future for this year.


“The section has grown to be one of the best cheering sections I have ever seen,” said Principal Kevin Cumming. He suggests that the boys coordinate with the cheerleaders and the band to create even bigger, better cheers. Mr. Cumming wants the school to unite, while keeping things appropriate. In August, he met with the boys before the first game to explain his expectations and guidelines for the year.


The student section this year is very promising. The senior leaders are ready to take on the responsibility of keeping Adams united and spirited. They’ll continue to strive for the #1 spot, and hopefully Adams will be on top once again.
“We want to respect past traditions but also make our own mark so the class of 2016 will be remembered….and look dang good while doing it,” Addy said.