Crosstown victory keeps tradition alive


Audrey Wang

Adams keeps the winning streak going, a tradition since 1997

Sara Harwood, Staff Writer


The lights beamed, Rochester arrived, and tensions mounted. With a 2-5 record, Adams desperately craved this win against their biggest rival: Rochester High School.

Beating Rochester has been a tradition since 1997 and students were not willing to let that change. Adams’ motivation was evident on the field from the first moments of the game. Not long after kickoff, Adams already had the first touchdown under their belt and the excitement only rose from there. The final score, a whopping 43-7, allowed the coaches to give other players more play time.

“ I’m very happy that the boys played well enough so we could get everybody in the game,” said head coach Mr.Tony Patritto

For senior players, this will be their last home game of their high school career as a Highlander.

“We beat their butts. Everybody played good, everyone worked hard and it was a great opportunity for everyone to get it. Our backups got in and out. Backup backups got in,” said senior captain Adam Slating.

Finally, the Highlanders captured a win. After several gut-wrenching losses, this was a nice change of pace. The higher level of continuity on the field was a key factor in Friday’s victory. The Highlanders were able to move into Falcon territory easier than any other opponent they had played, and it showed.

“Even though our season hasn’t been all that great, it’s been a good way to help wrap the season with a few games left,” said defensive coordinator Mr.Mark McFarland.

Even with a whopping 50-0 win against Bloomfield Hills,the final game of the season, the win against rival RHS was the sweetest ending to a bittersweet season.