RAGSD Swims for Success


Photo by: AHS parent Martina Alcock

Senior Meghan Brown, a member of the Girls Swim and Dive varsity team, competes against North Farmington High School on September 8.

Maddy Fleury, Staff Writer

Although swimming is a thrilling and rewarding sport, the 5:45 a.m. training sessions make athletes question how much they really love being in the water. Practicing nine times a week, the Adams Girls Swim and Dive team never seems to take a break from their hard work and dedication.

“Though it feels like we are waking up in the middle of the night, swimming in the morning is a good way to start the day with your friends,” said sophomore Katie Miller, who has been a member of the varsity team for two years.

Although coming to the pool before the sun comes up can be quite miserable and draining, swimmers like Miller know that practice makes perfect, and, in this case, “perfect” is simply winning the race.

According to Swim, Swam, the morning is the best time to train because swimmers have not yet exhausted themselves in their daily activities. After eating a good breakfast, the swim team is starting their day in a healthy way. The more energy swimmers start their days off with, the closer they are to becoming champions.

Aside from the time these swim practices take place, swimmers also swim six days a week, sometimes twice a day. The endless yardage and challenging sets are why this is considered such a difficult sport.

“Despite the fact that the practices seem repetitive and pointless, overtime they help to boost strength, technique and endurance,” said sophomore Emma Brown, a member of the varsity team..

Whether it’s in the morning or afternoon, working hard is not an option for these swimmers, and their determination is what allows them to achieve their goals.

The determination of these swimmers plays a key role in becoming champions, but bonding and building strong relationships with teammates is also very important in terms of working together to win.

Senior Nicole Pape, an all-star swimmer and future student athlete for Virginia Tech University is an excellent example of a team-role model. She reflects on what she has gained from this experience,

“Definitely not only for swimming but for all aspects of life, you get what you put in,” said Pape. After swimming for ten years, Pape knows it is not an easy sport, but when you take the time to train and improve stroke technique, the pain will be worthwhile.”

From nonstop practices to constant team bonding activities, the swim team does it all. For these girls, swimming is not just a sport, but a passion and lifestyle. The fact that the swim team has been undefeated League Champions for the past two years confirms their perseverance has paid off.

The undying friendships and the life lessons on dedication are just a couple of the wonderful things these athletes have taken away from being a part of this team. As these girl push themselves to the breaking point, positive thinking is what keeps them from giving up. Day in and day out, these girl have one thing to remember, which is to just keep swimming!