Highlanders Triumph in Annual Crosstown Showdown

The ninth annual Crosstown Showdown was successful yet again as both the Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball teams defeated Rochester in bold fashion.

The night began with the girls starting slow but eventually breaking away from the Falcons to reach a 64-38 victory. Senior Amber Jamison led the Highlanders in scoring with 14 points. Seniors Raiven Owusu and Dazia Dinkins added to the scoring with 13 points each.

“This was my first and last Crosstown, so just having that experience altogether was fun. Also, seeing all my friends from class supporting us was great,” said Dinkins.

Adams’ success continued when the boys’ game began, with the Highlanders showing dominance from the beginning on their way to a 64-44 victory. Junior Spencer Littleson scored 20 points while junior David Rinke topped off the victory with a dunk.

“Dave’s dunk was great. It really hyped up the game. We have been waiting for that all year. David is finally routing himself out as a player and it was a great feeling to see Dave dunk,” said senior captain Jordan Wiley.

The Crosstown Showdown is not only an enjoyable game for the players, but also one to remember for fans. Highlights included a half-time dance-off between Mr. Highlander and the Falcon. Mr. Highlander won this in deciding fashion, with the entire student section engaging in a YMCA flash mob.

“My favorite moment of the night was the dance off with Mr. Highlander and the student section doing the YMCA because our whole student section was involved. It looked really cool,” said senior Elizabeth Mettam.