Highlanders look to SCHS after reassuring victories

After two months of fighting hard, it all came down to a rivalry matchup with the  Rochester Falcons. It was a win-and-in game and the players knew how massive this was.

“We haven’t lost to Rochester since before we were born… and this is a playoff game… everyone knows there’s a lot at stake,” Wood said.

Thankfully, freshman quarterback Kyle Wood stepped up for the second straight week, and led the Highlanders to an impressive 34-13 Win.

The circumstances that led to Wood’s incredible start began about two weeks ago shortly after a loss to Southfield. In order to keep their playoff hopes alive, the Highlanders would have had to get a victory in Bloomfield Hills in the midst of injuries to senior quarterback Matt Sokol and sophomore second string quarterback Joey Prechtel.

Kyle Wood led the Highlanders to a 38-28 victory, carrying the football 38 times and scoring two touchdowns. It was quite an impressive performance by the freshman quarterback, especially considering what happened before the game.

“Before the game we didn’t have a fullback. Clarence Broadnax was injured. The whole time before the game we were just going through things trying to find a fullback,” said Wood.

Minutes before making his first start as a quarterback, Kyle Wood didn’t even know who he would be handing the ball off to.  As the game progressed, Kyle had more and more success. Finally, in the third quarter, Kyle managed to get the offense into a rhythm.

“I scored my first touchdown in the third quarter. After that we scored on every single possession.”  The final three drives resulted in touchdowns and sealed the victory for the Highlanders.

Now, looking forward, the records don’t matter. Everyone goes home with a loss whether you were 5-4 or undefeated. It’s the time of year when players have to elevate their game, and Kyle Wood is no exception.

“I have to work on making the right checks, reading the right keys, just reading the defense, you know? I really have to try to fill out my weaknesses,” Wood said.

With the biggest game of the year against Stoney Creek coming this week, the Highlanders are expecting a close game. There is a big difference between these Highlanders and the ones who beat Clarkston 12-7 earlier this season. These Highlanders have Kyle Wood.