Highlanders inch out Cougars to go undefeated


Sara Harwood

Senior student section leader Antonino Munaco leads the students in a cheer

Sara Harwood, Staff Writer

The boys varsity basketball team played cross-city rival, the Stoney Creek Cougars, on Friday. Following last year’s defeat at the hands of Stoney, the Highlanders were seeking redemption. With a plethora of Stoney and Adams fans, the atmosphere was intense and exciting. Adams and Stoney had their undefeated record this season hanging in the balance.Whoever won would walk away with the cross city rivalry win and keep the undefeated record. The game did not disappoint with both teams putting on an impressive and entertaining performance.

With a nasty end to the first half, halftime gave the Adams a much needed break.

“Going into halftime, I was pretty upset about how we had been playing and knew we had to get back on the same page and get it going in the second half,” said senior captain Spencer Littleson.

When Adams walked onto the court for the second half, it was clear the Highlanders meant business.

The game kept fans on the edge of their seats. In the third quarter, Stoney forced Adams to play the game that the fans know they are capable of playing . Adams led 49-43 with Stoney , closing the deficit to 49-46. With 4:54 left, Adams gained a more significant lead, charging to a 55-46 lead. Refusing to back down, Stoney fought back and traded blows,changing the score to 61-58 with 1:38 left.

Stoney’s downfall came when they gave multiple free points to Adams by fouling Littleson, giving him free throws. The Highlanders increased their lead and turned the game into a defensive effort, while the Cougars desperately tried to get more points on the board. The ball was subsequently rebounded by Adams, followed by Littleson hitting a pair of free throws with 14.6 seconds left. Stoney’s final charge managed to cut the lead to 65-63, only for the game to end 66-63. Adams got their revenge and managed to remain undefeated so far this season.

Surprising no one,  Littleson led the team to victory. Littleson scored a total of 30 points and senior Joey Ziniti contributed 17 points.

“After the game, I was really happy with how we finished the game out and came out with a win,” Littleson said.