Fight to the Finish not enough for Highlanders


Brianna McKerracher

The teams shaking hands moments after the game.

Brianna McKerracher, Staff Writer

With the season on the line for both teams, thousands of people came out to see the between The Adams Highlanders and The Eisenhower Eagles. This was the last game before the state finals and Adams had a lot riding on the outcome Friday, October 3. After a nail-biting game, the outcome was not what Adams was hoping for. Sadly, Adams lost by four to the Eagles with a final score of 10-6.

The first quarter was not filled with much excitement. The score stayed at 0-0 until halfway through the second quarter when senior Cole Patritto got the ball into Eagle territory. This resulted in a field goal for The Highlanders, making the score 3-0. Following the field goal, Adams came through with an aggressive defense that led to an interception at the 43 yard line. Things slowed down after that with several great tackles made by seniors Stevie Roncelli and Chase Kareta, which then led them into the third quarter.

Eisenhower began the second half with the ball and completed a great pass down to the five yard line. After the pass was completed, The Eagles received a 5 yard penalty because they had too many players on the field. With this set back, it prompted them to try for a field goal; they succeeded in tying the game 3-3 with 5:55 left in the third quarter. Following the field goal, Adams made multiple impressive runs placing them in a great position to attempt yet another field goal. With little time left in the quarter, Adams missed the field goal giving possession over to the Eagles and ending the third quarter.

The Highlanders started off the fourth quarter with great defense, keeping The Eagles from moving the ball down the field. After a couple of great passes, Adams took advantage of another field goal opportunity and scored three points giving them a three point lead at 6-3. A fumble, minutes later, gave The Highlanders possession of the ball, but they eventually lost it to Eisenhower shortly after.

As time ticked down, the Eagles took advantage of the possession and made an amazing pass into the endzone with only one minute and twenty-seven seconds left in the game taking the lead 10-6. Even though time was not in their favor, the Adams Highlanders never gave up. They regained possession and tried desperately to get the ball down the field but could not convert desperately trying to score a touchdown against a prevent defense. Ultimately, they ran out of time and lost 10-6.

The Highlander players gave everything they had. If there is one thing that could be said about the Adams football program, it is that they have an immense amount of love and pride for the game.

“The kids played really hard, no lack of effort, fought like crazy to win, and it was really emblematic of how they approached the whole season. They really got after it, you know, played for each other and didn’t back down from any opponent we had,” said Defensive Coordinator Mark MacFarland.

With the loss, the team finished with an impressive overall record of 9-2.

“The team is sad because of the playoff loss, but I feel like it’s just gonna push us harder next year,” said junior Ben Patton after being asked how this loss would affect the team next year.

Brianna McKerracher
Ben Patton converts on a field goal.