Because Fútbol

The FIFA World Cup started in 1930 and is the most watched sporting event, even surpassing the Olympics. There are eight national teams who have won the tournament: Germany (most recent champion), Brazil (most titles- 5), Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, England, France, and Spain. Recently, the World Cup has gained popularity in the United States, with over 17 million Americans tuning in to watch the final.

During this summer’s Germany exchange trip, Adams students were able to experience what it is like to win the tournament.  In Berlin, the “Fan Mile” was a mile long of fans, televisions, excitement, and national pride.

“In the town square [after Germany won the world cup], there was a full out celebration with  flares, dancing, beeping cars, and bottles being smashed,” said senior Sarah Blust. “The atmosphere was so emotional with a lot of tears,  a lot of hugging, and even more kissing,” she said.

The FIFA video game series, in which players can simulate a World Cup soccer game, started in 1993. The series has been released annually ever since and has become increasingly popular among young men. The newest addition, “FIFA 15,” was released in late September.

This fall, 32 Adams students got together to have their own “FIFA 15” videogame tournament. All players met at senior P.J. Perry’s house to fight to the death.

“I decided to have the tournament just because I love FIFA,” said Perry.

Perry set up five televisions along with five consoles, enabling many games to be played at once. The final tournament ended with senior Eric Molnar in first, senior Gannon Hutto in second, and senior Zach Raad in third.

The Barclays Premier League is an English soccer organization founded in 1992 and has 20 teams. The Premier League is the top tier in the English Football League system and is broadcasted to over 600 million people worldwide. During the past few years, the league has been dominated by Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United, also referred to as the “Big Four.”

One of Adams’ most dedicated soccer fans, Senior Max Ridgway was born in England and born into soccer.

“My parents really got me into Premier League soccer. My family has season tickets to Crystal Palace and Aston Villa,” said Ridgway.

Most English fans adopt a certain team.  Ridgway’s are Crystal Palace, Aston Villa and QPR (Queens Park Rangers).

The 2014 Rochester Adams men’s soccer team made it to the state championship with the support of the student section. With the mix of fresh new talent and experienced players, the RAMS were a force to be reckoned with.

This year, the student section came out in full force for the each game.

“Soccer games were fun because it was a completely different environment than the football games,” said senior student section leader Ryan Gibbons, “And they [the RAMS] were actually good.” He also added that the fan base became a family because all of the same people came to every game, even driving two hours away to watch the state championship game in 20 degree weather.

“We mercied Rochester 8-0 when we had one of the best crowds all year,” said senior soccer captain Kevin Lencioni, “The fans helped us through some really tough games.”