BCS Championship Creates Much Anticipation


Katie Wolf

Adams students show support for their Oregon Ducks or their Ohio State Buckeyes.

The college football playoff frenzy is coming to an end, with the Ohio State buckeyes squaring off against the Oregon Ducks this Monday night.

This year was the first year the BCS format changed to a playoff format, with two semi-final games taking place on New Year’s Day. The Ducks’ high-powered offense, led by Heisman winner Marcus Mariota, defeated the Florida State Seminoles 59-20 in the Rose Bowl. In the Sugar Bowl, the Buckeyes defeated top seeded Alabama, 42-35.

Sophomore Mark Pattrito says the new format “gives more teams a chance for the championship. If they didn’t change the format, Ohio State would never have have made it [to the championship game].”

Ranked fourth in the country, Ohio State is coming off a 12-1 regular season, with their only loss to unranked Virginia Tech. The Buckeyes have gone through an astounding three quarter backs, losing both star quarterback Braxton Miller and standout back-up JT Barrett. They are left with Cardale Jones, who had an impressive Sugar Bowl appearance, passing for 243 yards and a touchdown. Ohio State has surprised viewers all season with their resiliency and grit.

“Ohio State winning the national championship would be the way their fairytale season should end, but I think Oregon is just too good,” said Senior Michael Wright.

The Ducks are entering the game with an impressive season, going 12-1 with the only loss to number 10 Arizona. Their intense offense, anchored by star quarterback Mariota, was a force to be reckoned during the regular season, with  7740 total offensive yards, the second most in all of college football. The Ducks defense is also strong, only allowing an average of 22.3 points per game. During the Rose Bowl against Florida State, they had four fumble recoveries and an interception.

“Oregon is just a better developed team. They have a really strong offense and good defense,” said Senior Paul Moceri.

Ohio State and Oregon will face off tonight at 8:30 on ESPN. The game will not disappoint viewers and will be very entertaining to fans and casual viewers alike.