A Passes, Are They Worth It?


School ID with A Pass indicator at top right.

Nathan Feidner, Staff Writer

Does $60 seem like a lot to pay to attend unlimited home sports games? Unless a student has a considerable amount of school spirit, it may not be worth getting an “A pass”. People who buy “A passes” get into any non-playoff home game without having to pay the price of $5 for every game. To break even, a person would have to attend at least 12 games over the course of an entire year. Many people go to the sports games to root on Adams teams; however, thanks to “A passes” students can go to the non-playoff home games of all three high schools.

Some students find it beneficial to get an “A pass” because you can get into all three high school home games. If you go to Adams and there is an away game against Stoney Creek High School or Rochester High School, you could get into those games. In that case, “A passes” are very much worth your money since you can get in without paying at the game.

“This is my second year having an ‘A pass’ and I think they are nice in that you can get into all three high schools varsity football games. The value is good if you use them, but if you don’t use it at almost every game, it turns into a waste of money,” said sophomore Cameron Tenkel.

Being able to go to games at all three high schools without having to pay at the entrance for every game seems to be a really great deal. On the other hand, why would a student want to attend a rival school’s game unless that team was facing off against the student’s school?

“A Passes” may be valuable depending on who the person is, how many games they go to, and for the reason he/she bought an “A pass”. For some it might be to get rid of some of the inconveniences of going to home games, or as a better way to show school spirit.

“If you go to all the games, it’s worth it because it’s a pain having to pay at the games to get in, also it is worth it to show your school spirit, and purchasing an “A pass” shows that you have school spirit,” said senior Ryan Ouimet

Many find that paying at the games is inconvenient. You could come to the game late and wait too long in line for tickets, but if you come too early, then you’re are waiting for half an hour until the game starts. Since a student can buy an “A pass”, he or she can avoid the inconvenience of buying a ticket, making “A passes” worth it.

The question on whether an “A pass” is worth it varies from person to person and is defined by multiple factors; mostly, people see it as valuable if you use it regularly with added benefits of going to home games of other high schools. Many people would agree that because of how useful it is, it would be worth the $60 to buy before the school year.