The Tough Decision: The Challenges of Choosing the Right College

Joanna Postrado, Writer

As high school seniors prepare for post-graduation plans, many are planning to attend college. However, for some, finding the right college can be a difficult and overwhelming task.

One of the main challenges for seniors is the cost of attending university. College tuition and fees can be expensive, and seniors may not have the financial resources to afford the cost of their desired college. For many large universities, the cost of tuition and living are very high and scholarships and grants are often hard to come by. For students wanting to go out of state, tuition starts to creep up in price. Loans are an option and can help with costs, but they can lead to student debt for many years after college graduation. 

“Paying for college myself is very hard for me, and I can’t afford to go to my dream school because of the high cost,” said senior Katie Cadman. 

Graph of how college costs are rising. Photo Credit: (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Another challenge that seniors face is choosing a college that aligns with their desired career paths. Many schools do not offer courses that some students want to take to further their career path. Certain schools offer specialty programs that others do not like Ross at the University of Michigan and Lyman Briggs at Michigan State University. This is a hard challenge for seniors to overcome when comparing college benefits. 

Seniors also may struggle with the location of their college being too far from home or even too close. Some just do not want to leave their home out of comfort and for fear of change. Students like this in Rochester Hills have an easy option of choosing a close option to home like Oakland University or they have the option of online learning. Being away from home can be difficult for many who struggle socially being away from their friends and family in a whole new environment.



“Being away from home this next school year is going to be very difficult for me; living without my parents, who I have never been away from before,” said Adams High School senior Aria Bayrakdarian.

The campus at Michigan State University. (Photo Credit: Michigan State University).

Despite these challenges, there are resources available to help seniors find a college that meets their needs. College counselors and advisors can help guide students financially, application procedures, and the types of programs available.

Seniors who are considering attending college face a unique set of challenges. Financial limitations, limited options for flexible programs and services, and social isolation are just a few of the struggles that seniors may encounter. However, with the right support and resources, seniors can overcome these challenges and find a college that meets both their wants and needs.