Student Council Rushes to Prepare for Homecoming 2015


Lizzy Botkin

Student council makes a banner promoting each spirit day to hang in the cafeteria

The Adams Student Council is hitting the ground running with a busy start to this school year.

The school’s first-ever Club Fair will take place tomorrow, September 18,  in the senior area during all three lunches.

“It [the Club Fair] was actually Mr. Cumming and Mr. Lopiccolo’s idea from last year. We were just sitting around talking about how we can get kids to figure out what club they want to be a part of,” said StuCo adviser Mr. Bryan Lindstrom. “It’s an easy way to get interested, and easier than having them figure it out on their own.”   Students who participate in more than one club will need to pay the $30 club registration fee for each club they wish to join.  This fee can be paid online.

         Additionally, StuCo had no time to waste in preparing for this year’s Homecoming which comes early – September 26 – this year.

Spirit Week begins the week of September 21.  The dress-up days are as follows:  Monday – College Day; Tuesday – Hollywood Stars Day; Wednesday – Shine Bright/Neon Day; Thursday – Things from Space Day; and Friday – Class T-shirt Day.  The freshman color is brown; sophomore, gold; junior, white, and the senior color is black. 

“It’s been very interesting. We spent a good portion of last year trying to get things together. We picked the theme and spirit days. Previously we would do that during the first few weeks of school. This year, we haven’t even had an hour to get to know each other because we have had to do so much work,” said Lindstrom.

To top it off, the Student Council is putting a new twist on the Homecoming Parade, the second in Adams history.

Big plans are in the works for the Homecoming assembly as well. The assembly is set for fifth hour on Friday.

As students enter the assembly, they will receive pompoms -each class receiving a different color – which will light up the gym.

“We have a set of games, and a balloon popping game with couples. We will be doing knocker balls, which is new to Adams,” Senior StuCo member Antonio Munaco said.

Alongside the new events taking place at the annual Homecoming assembly, there will be some classic events as well.

“We are doing the tradition of the centipede, the boys’ dance team, the girls’ tug of war and the girls’ dance team,” said Munaco.

The Homecoming Parade precedes Friday night’s game against Oak Park and begins at Van Hoosen at 5 p.m.  The parade will proceed up Highlander Highway to the front of Adams where the tailgate takes place.  

The Freshman mentors are working with Student Council to host the tailgate.  Games, prizes, and food will be available.  Freshman who attend the tailgate will be able to get into the game for free with their student ID.

“We have the police liaison coming through again, escorting the court. We’re putting out offers to the clubs, but we haven’t had much club response this year. The cheerleading team will actually be a part of the parade this year. At the end, where the cookout will be, we are going to have a jousting pit,” said Lindstrom.

The game follows at 7 p.m.  According to Mr. Lindstrom,  Oak Park has “had our number” for the last few years.  “We’ll have to play our very best if we want to take them down.”

To top off the string of events, this year’s theme for Saturday’s Homecoming Dance is “Starry Night”.  Tickets are 20 dollars per person and are on sale during lunch in the cafeteria.  The dance is from 7-10 p.m. in the gym.