Student council brings back winter dance

News brief


Caroline Gage

Ticket sales will run February 10-19

Caroline Gage, Staff Writer

The long-awaited winter dance has returned to Rochester Adams High School. It is set to be held on February 20 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Adams cafeteria. Senior Student Council members Candace Waite and Natalie Sebastian are coordinating the dance.

“This is exciting for us. We haven’t had a winter dance for three years, so it should be lots of fun,” said Sebastian.

Tickets will be on sale Feb. 11 through 20 for $10 a piece, and a two tickets for $15 deal will be offered Feb. 11 and 12.

“Students can bring a date, but all are welcome regardless!” Sebastian said.  

The dance will be formal, similar to Homecoming, and will be called the “Snowball,” a fitting title with all the snow finally falling!

“It’s going to be big. It’s basically Homecoming part-two, just winter themed,” said Waite.