Spanish Club Participates in Pulsera Project


Bianca Dumitrescu

Student Roma Kamat selling pulseras during lunch.

Bianca Dumitrescu, Staff Writer

This is the second year that the Spanish Club has participated in The Pulsera Project. The Pulsera Project is a fundraiser selling bracelets, or “pulseras”, which are handmade by Nicaraguan and Guatemalan artisans. The Spanish Club has sold them at all three lunches from February 5 to 16. Each bracelet was sold for $5, and all proceeds will go to the artisans who made them.

The Pulsera Project has three major components: employment, education, and impact. The Pulsera Project is a non-profit organization that uses the sales of bracelets from over 2,100 schools in the United States to help educate Central American artists. Proceeds from this fundraiser will help artisans become educated, and will equipt them for the future.

“We brighten U.S. schools with art and compelling cultural education while employing nearly 200 artists and investing proceeds to create lasting change in Central American communities,” said The Pulsera Project website.

Bianca Dumitrescu
A bracelet, or “pulsera”, handmade by an artisan from Central America.

They buy bracelets from over 200 artists in Nicaragua and Guatemala. This organization has educated and empowered artists since 2009 and will continue to do so with the help of students from U.S. schools.

“I am volunteering because I think it is a really good chance for artisans in Central America to shine and showcase their work, because they have so much talent and deserve to be rewarded,” said student Roma Kamat.

The students of Adams High School have always been consistent at stepping outside of themselves and sacrificing time to help others in need. The Pulsera Project is a great organization to volunteer for and to help the communities outside of our own.