Rochester Schools Take On International Studies


Josie Wenzell

Students attending the trip need to start thinking about what to pack.

Josie Wenzell, Editor

In this world of change and technology, international relations are more important than ever before. Rochester Schools is taking part in this movement by sponsoring a trip to Germany next month. Students will undergo this life changing experience overseas.

One of the chaperones and coordinators of the trip, Dan Mooney, Principal at Van Hoosen Middle School, gives some additional details and insight on the trip.

Q: When is this year’s trip to Germany taking place?

A: “We are leaving for the trip February 18th, and coming back February 25th.”

Q: How many students are attending the trip?

A: “We have 17 students and 7 adults going; 2 parents and 5 staff.”

Q: Why is it important for students to gain an international awareness?

A: “I think it’s important for students to be globally aware and culturally sensitive in the world, especially with the ever changing global economy. We need that global awareness.”

Josie Wenzell
Students will need to get passports in order to travel with the group.

Q: What type of activities will students engage in on the trip?

A: “We will be seeing historical landmarks and learning their culture and history. We will also be visiting our sister school and doing homestays with German families.”

Q: By having the students stay with German families, they will be able to be fully immersed into the culture. If students were to stay closed off from locals, in a hotel, they would miss out on experiencing a German way of life.

Mooney is getting excited for the trip as the departure date gets closer, as he is looking forward to meeting the sister school and their administrators. Mooney is appreciative of the opportunity and extends his thankfulness to the Rochester Board of Administrators for their support.