Rochester Community Schools Alters Grading Scale


Jessica Skiff

Mr. Hall writes a problem on the board. The new grading scale will especially effect the math department.

Starting this year, the A range of the grading scale is 93-100 percent, as opposed to 95 percent in previous years. This will help students with more difficult subjects, such as math.
“I was really happy when I heard about the change,” said Junior Megan Emke, an Algebra 2 student. “Algebra 2 isn’t the easiest, but I’ll work hard for that 93.”
“I think it will help the A and A- students, but I don’t expect a huge change,” said Mrs. Newsome, an AP Calculus teacher. “But I do think it will relieve pressure.”
It is not a large percentage drop, but it gives students a better chance at an A, especially in the rigorous math courses at Adams.
“This could really help people who struggle with math. Personally, I don’t mind it at all, but the new scale will definitely make me a little less anxious about school,” Emke said. “It won’t change how hard I work in class, though.”