PTA Founder’s Day Honors Outstanding Effort

This Thursday Adams PTSA will honor three members for outstanding effort.

This Thursday Adams PTSA will honor three members for outstanding effort.

Shelby Smith, Editor-in-Chief

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is imperative to keeping the lines of communications between families and teachers open and ensuring children can reap the benefits of such relationships. Adams will celebrate this organization with the Founder’s Day awards on February 23.

Founder’s Day serves as a reminder of the important role this group plays across the nation in familial involvement in education. It is a day for the community to reflect on how the organization has aided educational communities, and it is a day which re-emphasizes the importance of how the PTA has spoken for students, aided parents, and defended education.

Here at Rochester Community Schools, we add one important aspect to the equation: the students. The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) at RCS is recognized with RCS’ own Founder’s Day awards to celebrate the accomplishments of students, teachers, and parents alike.

“At the high school level, a student, a parent, and a teacher (staff member) are nominated by the PTSA. The parameters are that the nominees need to be members of the PTSA and have demonstrated a commitment and dedication to the district or Adams through volunteer work and participation with other events,” said Principal Mr. Kevin Cummings.

Each year, the Adams’ PTSA chooses one outstanding parent, teacher/staff member, and student to recognize for their work over the last year – as does each school in the district. On Thursday, February 23, Adams will celebrate parent Melanie Heaphy, Library Specialist Brenda Carlson, and senior student Bailey Drews.

The celebration will be hosted by the PTA Council Founders Day Committee as well as some representation from each of RCS’ 20 schools, and they will host a basket raffle for the event. Each school provides two baskets with a minimum value of $25 and a representative for the District Founders Day Committee, as well as two volunteers for the event.

“The nominees are proposed and discussed by the PTSA, and the three are chosen based upon the above criteria. I have a voice at the table and I often help choose the student and the teacher candidates. The counselors also share their input regarding the student nominees,” said Cummings.

Individuals can be nominated for district level awards: John Schultz Leadership Award, Distinguished Service Award, and Council Member of the Year Award. Groups and individuals alike can be nominated for the Bright Ideas Award.

“All three candidates are well deserving and are wonderful representatives from Adams… I am planning to attend [the celebration],” said Cummings.