Marching Band Readies for Homecoming Halftime


Photo by: Jen Petrotta (AHS Marching Band mother to senior Abby Petrotta)

Highlander Marching Band performs a halftime performance, spelling out AHS.

Lauren Dawn, Staff Writer

Known by the community as the pride of Rochester Adams, the Highlander Marching Band  has been working tirelessly for one of the biggest events of their season. With the Highlander Marching Band on Friday, October 14, the Highlander Marching Band prepares for their halftime performance. With dedication and hard work, the band is prepared to give their all for the biggest game of the season.

The marching band season begins in June, and even then, the thought of Homecoming is already front and center. This year’s game is one to remember, as they are versing district rivals, Stoney Creek High School. The dedication of the band is imminent, and is demonstrated with their rigorous practice schedule.

“We have practices in the morning before school from 6:30 to about 7:15 every day of the week except Tuesday. We also have Monday night practice from 6-9,” said senior Clarinet Section Leader Allie Hayen.

As Homecoming approaches, the band prepares a show unlike any other. As usual, the band will perform during halftime, but this year will also perform a song in partnership with Stoney Creek’s marching band.

“The show is about twenty minutes in total. Stoney Creek has their song, we have our own performance for halftime, we have a shared song with Stoney, and then when the Homecoming court is walking, we will be playing during that as well,” said senior Drum Major Kennedy White.

Songs played include a variety of recognizable classics, from “The Eye of the Tiger” by the band Survivor, to the theme song from Jurassic Park. James James Ferden, the marching band director, makes sure to include songs that everyone can enjoy.

“I mostly try to get student input on what they want to do. I do my own research to see if it’s available, if it will provide new learning opportunities and be fun for the band, and that the audience will like as well,” said Ferden.

Each year, the theme of the halftime show changes and captivates audiences with each original show.

“Our show theme for halftime this year is the music of John Williams, who is a famous American composer. He wrote the music for Star Wars, E.T., Jurassic Park, and Home Alone,” said Ferden.

“I really stress the importance of family, how we are together a lot, and we are looking out for each other. It’s not so much just music and in class.  If we need support, or if there are any issues happening, we try to be there for each other and offer support among the band itself,”