Linked Up, the Freshman Join the Crew


Abby Stone

Junior mentor Sam Antenucci and his mentee freshman Maverick Falconer.

The transition from middle school to high school is known to be one of the biggest transitions a student will experience. Luckily, incoming AHS freshmen will have an easier time adjusting to high school with the help of Adams new and improved mentor program: Link Crew.

Link Crew is a high school transition program created for the purpose of making freshman feel more included and comfortable. The organization’s main goal is to make freshman feel welcomed and involved not only at registration, but throughout the whole school year. This is accomplished by carefully selecting upperclassmen who are positive role models as mentors for incoming students. Additionally, there are numerous intense mandatory training days for these mentors to ensure they are knowledgeable of the best guidance techniques. Mentors are a huge influence on freshman as they guide them on their high school journey.

Abby Stone
Mr. Bondy holding a link crew sign.

“The best advice my mentor gave me was to work your hardest freshman year, do your homework, study, and keep up your GPA. Without the mentor program I would be nothing but a lost soul,” said freshman Maverick Falconer.

Furthermore, the structure of Link Crew is split into four components that occur throughout the year to achieve success for both the program and more importantly the freshmen. These contributions include high school orientation, academic follow ups, social follow ups, and leader initiated contacts. Altogether, the intensity of this new mentor program enhances the social and academic progression a student has throughout their high school career.

“Link Crew is meant to help freshmen socially and academically by providing them with a mentor figure to navigate them through high school. My favorite thing about Link Crew is freshmen being able to have a good role model that can make a big difference for them as they start their next chapter in their life,” said teacher and Link Crew manager Mr. Bondy.

Freshmen mentoring is a necessity and tradition at Adams High School as it brings the whole school together and ensures social and academic excellence. Starting next year, this success will extend even further. With the addition of Link Crew, Adams students will form a closer community that has even greater achievements accomplished with ease.