Foreign Language Week does business with Adams


Lizzy Botkin

Banners are hung through the foreign language hallway

Lizzy Botkin, Staff Writer

¡Hola! Guten tag! Bonjour!  Phrases like theses will be heard much more this week by the students of Adams.

The foreign language program at Adams is participating in the annual Foreign Language Week. The theme this year is “Doing Business with the World”, and events will be all week.

        “We decided to make it [Foreign Language Week] earlier this year because students and teachers seem to be a little fresher this time of year. Also, the third quarter is typically shorter than the others and we did not want to compete with Charity Week,” said Spanish teacher Joseph Ciluffo.

In addition, new events such as the Inter-Language Bowl, Inter-Language Soccer Tournament, and a scavenger hunt have been added to this year’s agenda while the fasting aspect of the week’s activities has been eliminated. Students will still be able to support a local charity.

“I’m so excited about the [inter-language] soccer game!  I can’t wait to play for my language,” said junior Stephanie Heidel.

        At the beginning of the week, students have the opportunity to bring in their own homemade ethnic dishes for the staff, including dishes like Palacsinta, a Hungarain crepe. On Tuesday, guest speakers will present to students on their use of foreign language and culture in the business world. Wednesday is Adams Diversity Day, a day when students can present to their peers on their own heritage. Students also have the opportunity to wear their spirited, homemade t-shirts made especially for this week.

        “I am proud of students who share their lives/cultures with other students. [Adams Diversity Day] serves as a great reminder that we can all be proud of who we are, respectful of each other’s differences and come together to make our communities stronger and more interesting,” said French teacher Robin Weiten.

Another student designed mural will be added to the walls of the language lab based on this year’s theme. Student designed banners will decorate the language hallway in celebration of the week.

“Foreign Language Week is the best part of being in a language.  It’s great to come together for a week with students from other languages,” said junior and German student Kelly Chang.