Corn Hole for a Cause

Jarek Schmanski and Trevor Buck


Jarek Schmanski

Pictured are Cornhole Champions Billy Peters (left) and Brendan Kevelighan (right)

Jarek Schmanski, Staff Writer

Adams’ National Honors Society held a cornhole tournament before the showdown against crosstown rival Stoney Creek. The competition was held all week, October 21st through 25th, during all three lunches.

 Adams NHS has been working with Stoney Creek Highschool’s NHS to coordinate a fundraiser for the Caleb White Project: a Detroit based non-profit that helps local homeless people with youth volunteers. After several meetings, the two schools agreed upon a fundraising tailgate before the Friday, October 25th football game at Stoney Creek. Stoney’s tradition of a school-wide cornhole tournament is the centerpiece of the tailgate.

Cornhole is popular tailgate game that requires players to be joined with a partner and take turns throwing bean bags at the opponent’s board. Each bag that goes through the hole is three points and each bag that lands on the board is one. Teams play until one reaches 21 points. Finalists from each lunch will win a free T-shirt and admission into the game. They faced off against four finalists teams from Stoney on Friday before the game. Adams NHS hopes to continue this event next year and establish the charity cornhole tournament as an Adams tradition. The turnout from the past week was essential for reaching that goal. 

“It may just look like throwing a bag in a hole, but to me it’s a lot more than that,” responded NHS treasurer Trevor Buck.

In conjunction with the cornhole tournament, Adams NHS sold green T-shirts with the slogan “BEAT THE CREEK” in white. Shirts were sold at all three lunches throughout the week for $15. The money being raised is going directly to address an issue that is not commonly associated with homelessness: Furniture. In most homeless shelters, those who are admitted must leave behind all their belongings. So when the time comes to move into their own home, many are left without any furniture.

Money going to the Caleb White Project will be used to purchase furniture and allows homeless to get the most out of their new home. At the tailgate on friday, Adams competitors Brendan Kevelighan and Billy Peters progressed through the finalists bracket, making quick work of their fellow highlanders. Their next matchup was against Stoney’s champs. The ensuing match was best two of  three. Peters took a tight first game after edging out a 21-20 score. The cougars took the next game, but the highlanders sealed it away handily. A success for the highlanders and a success for the Caleb White Project: over $3000 was raised over the course of the week.Stoney Creek Football clashed with the Highlanders last Friday, and Adams wrestled away a win to finish at 7-2. But before the game, both schools worked together for a great cause.