Annual Adams Can Drive Raises Over Forty-Thousand Cans


Jerome Bondy

Mr. Bondy and the student council with products from the can drive

When charity week rolled around once more at Adams, competition was high as teachers and staff were battling it out to see which teachers would raise the most cans. All proceeds were donated to the local recurring charity, The Rochester Neighborhood House, an organization that provides food and supplies for less fortunate people living in Rochester Hills.

“I had a chance to visit the RANH and was blown away by the support they gave to the local community.  The food bank supports hundreds of families in the area, and they strive to make their food donations nutritious and wholesome,” said student council director Mr. Lindstrom.

With a tough competition, teachers made every effort to reel in as many donations as possible. Food and drinks were sold in the halls, which were crowded with students hoping to snatch a donut or can of pop before the day ended. Endless incentives were offered to students, and there was no doubt that charity week continued to be a fun-filled week for both students and staff.

“The whole school comes together for a great cause. In just a week, we are able to make a huge difference to those in the most need in our community,” said student council director, Mr. Bondy.

Staff members were divided into teams, all competing against one another to hopefully capture the beloved “Canley Cup”, a trophy given to the teacher who raises the most funds each year. Going into the week, Mr. Lindstrom’s team was the clear favorite, however, Ms. Connel’s team was a close contender.

All staff members were chasing after one team this year, Mr. Lindstrom’s team, led by multiple Canley-Cup champion, Mr. Lovalvo, who poses what seems to be an unbreakable record here at Adams. Also known as the “Can Man”, Mr. Lovalvo racked up over 6000 cans in donations through selling donuts, pizza, pop. 

“D-Lov (Mr. Lovalvo) is the man; [a long time ago] he vowed that if he was going to compete in the Can Drive, the only way to do it was to win,” said Lindstrom.

Lovalvo crushed the competition for the past decade, however, this year, many other teachers were hot on his heels. Last year’s runner-up, Ms. Knapp, workedg tirelessly to take out the reigning can drive champ. With tensions rising, Ms. Knapp sold baked treats outside her classroom non-stop, attracting many students to buy soda, brownies, cookies, and much more.

Boxes of cans raised from the can drive

“When we support those who need help, we are making a positive impact on the world. We get told often that we should “be the change we want to see in the world,” and having something like the can drive gives RCS an opportunity to fulfill that proverb,” said Ms. Knapp

After a close week with many sales and donations, the can drive winner was finally revealed. To no surprise, Mr. Lovalvo was deemed the Canley Cup champion for yet another time, leading Mr. Lindstrom’s team to a can drive win, and taking out an impressive contender, Ms. Knapp.

“I tried to make my prices lower than D-Love’s so I could sell more,” said Knapp “Maybe if I had them up a little, I might have beaten him.”

By the end of the fun-filled five days, students and teachers at Adams raised an incredibly impressive 41,726 cans for the Rochester Area Neighborhood House creating an exciting competition throughout the week.