American Red Cross hosts blood drive


Lizzy Botkin

Student council promotes the blood drive with banners hung in the senior area

Lizzy Botkin, Staff Writer

The Adams Student Council is hosting a blood drive for the American Red Cross on Tuesday, November 10, in the auxiliary gym during school hours.

“The fall blood drive is always the most successful. In fact, we have already filled all the slots for this drive. We still are having people sign up to be alternates, in case someone becomes unable to donate,” said Student Council Adviser Mr. Bryan Lindstrom.

Every donation is important to the Red Cross’s cause, so everyone is encouraged to donate.According to the American Red Cross, one donation can save up to three lives.Donations are certainly needed, as they are used almost immediately after the school’s drive.

“Generally, we are told that the entirety of the blood donated at the school is used in a matter of two days. In the instance of a traumatic injury, all the blood we raise could go to just one person,” said Lindstrom.

Sign ups for the fall blood drive are full, but Adams will host two more before the end of the year.

“Blood drives are so important. Every donation matters, so student participation is vital,” said Lindstrom.