Adams Wraps-Up a Successful Charity Week

Dayna Tan, News Editor

Rochester Adams High School raised a total of $27,783.46 for Habitat for Humanity during Charity Week from February 23-27.

“Charity week had a great turn out from the students and staff, and I am very proud of all the money we raised for Habitat for Humanity,” said junior student council representative Olivia Page.

Teachers teamed up and offered students incentives to donate to their teams. Incentives ranged from food purchases to class work, including pizza, grilled cheese, quesadillas, churros, and baked goods, raffle tickets, parties, movies, extended deadlines, homework passes, and test corrections.

English teacher Ms. Barb Gemellaro and English and social studies teacher Mrs. Tracye Schwartz (“Peanut Butter and Jealous of Us”) won the competition with a total of $6,289.18. English and social studies teacher Mr. Josh Hickey and English teacher Mr. Dave Lovalvo’s team, “D Love Hix,” came in second place with a total of $5,895.80. Spanish teachers Mr. Joe Ciluffo and Mrs. Andrea Ciluffo’s team, “Married with Children,” came in third place with a total of $3,814.94. Science teachers Mr. Jerome Bondy and Mr. Eric Lohr’s team, “Dumb and Dumber,” raised $2,521.20 and came in fourth place. German teachers Mrs. Janie Barner and Mrs. Stephanie Stein’s team, “Frau BarnersteinBauenwireinHaus,” came in fifth place with a total of $2,362.37.

Four other teams donated over $1,000, including English teacher Mrs. Dara Mclean and social studies teacher Mrs. Larissa Okun, social studies teachers Mr. Jeff Hall and Mr. Mark MacFarland, science teacher Ms. Ashley Branoff and psychology teacher Mrs. Ashley Pelz, and social studies teachers Mr. Jack Beall and Mr. Aaron Mize.

“Habitat for Humanity is a great cause and I am so happy we could help them out!” said sophomore student council representative Alex Mannhalt.