Adams Seniors Wrap Up College Applications


Dayna Tan

The board of college pamphlets outside the counseling office.

College application deadlines are quickly approaching, and Adams seniors are racing to submit their applications on time.
“It is best to submit your applications early, but for seniors who are still working on them, a lot of helpful information and resources can be found on the counseling website,” said Adams counselor Mrs. Janice King.
Under the “Counseling” tab on the Adams website, students can find the “AHS October 2014 Counseling Newsletter.” The newsletter contains important dates, college representative visits, links to scholarship information, Common Application user tips, and guidance on writing entrance essays.
Flyers, brochures, and bulletin boards on everything from specific colleges to scholarships and testing can be found in the counseling office, and counselors are available to answer any remaining questions or concerns regarding applications.
For all students and parents who are interested, there will also be a Financial Aid Night at Stoney Creek High School on November 20 at 6:30 p.m.
Adams counselor Mrs. Jessica Bellomo cites a few important steps that seniors have been forgetting.
“We are seeing a lot of students who are forgetting that they must send their transcripts to the Common Application and ACT and SAT scores directly to colleges,” said Bellomo.
According to Mrs. Bellomo, “Counselors are wrapping up letters of recommendation, and students who have not yet spoken to their counselors regarding letters should do so as soon as possible.”
Students may also choose to attend college representative visits by signing up in the counseling office. Students must sign up at least one day in advance and pick up their passes before school on the day of the visit. Seniors are allowed two college visits, and juniors are allowed three visits. There is a schedule of upcoming visits on the counseling office door, which include Ohio University on November 12 and Lake Superior State University on November 18.
Between hectic schedules, homework, sports, and extracurricular activities, seniors should make sure to set aside time to finish up college applications and definitely take advantage of the resources in the counseling office. Good Luck Seniors!