Adams salutes war veterans


Audrey Wang

War veterans perform the ceremonial folding of the American flag

Lizzy Botkin, Staff Writer

Adams did itself proud.

Last week,  the social studies department once again hosted American war veterans and active-duty military personnel at what has now become an annual Veteran’s Luncheon to salute their service to the country.

“I thought it was a wonderful event.  Students don’t get a lot of exposure to real veterans anymore, so I thought it was really great for Adams students to get this exposure,” said Principal Kevin Cumming.

Veterans, including school superintendent Dr. Robert Shaner (retired U.S. marine), spoke to students in their social studies classes throughout the day.

Students learn a lot from these first-hand accounts. This event, however,  is also important to the veterans  “We come here to try and help the kids understand what we went through to make a good life for them,” said veteran Pete DeVolder, a retired honor guard.


The luncheon opened with the AHS Marching Band honoring the veterans with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner  in addition to the anthems of each military division represented at the luncheon.“There should be more of our history, of the people of our generation, and what we’ve done to help our country in the history books,” said Veteran John Benczih, a retired First Lieutenant of the Transportation Corps.

The luncheon also featured a ceremonial folding of the American flag. The folding of the flag is representative of the religious principles on which this country was originally founded. As each fold in the flag was made, Devolder explained the meaning of the folds. The flag was then presented to Dr. Robert Shaner.

“I have a sticker on my pickup that says, ‘If you can read this thank a teacher, if it’s in English, thank a veteran.’ It is our patriotic duty to serve our country,” said Benczih.