Adams Prepares for Canned Food Drive


Connor Gage

The Canley Cup; Heart and soul of the canned food drive.

Caden Ebinger, Writer

The canned food drive is an infamously memorable week at Adams High School. 

Students can earn incentives based on the amount of money they raise as a class, ranging from a movie day to a trip to Cedar Point. All donations received will be sent to the Rochester Area Neighborhood House Food Pantry. The winning class with the most donations will receive an unnamed surprise from the school as well.

Each year, a new theme is selected for the week of the can drive. Last year, the theme was “Clash of the Cans”, named after the popular mobile app Clash Of Clans. Students at Adams High School donated 36,456 cans in total last year; the winning team was the science department. During this year’s can drive, which has a “Candyland” theme, Adams Student Council seeks to raise even more.

“The can food drive is a competitive week for Adams students. Even though it’s very competitive, the main goal is still about the money raised. Hopefully, we can set a new record this year and raise more money than ever,” said senior student council representative Connor Gage.


Stored canned food at the Rochester Neighborhood House Food Pantry.

The rules are simple: two cans equal one dollar and one dollar equals two cans. Students can either bring in cans or money as donations. Most kids tend to only think about the incentives received, but parents and teachers focus on the main goal of feeding less fortunate families.


“It would have to be…everyone coming together for such a great cause,” said math teacher Courtney Hurttgam after being asked about her favorite part of the can drive. 

The can drive will take place on November 12th-16th this year. Make sure to donate and bring in your cans!