Adams Media Center Receives New Computers


Katie Wolf

AHS students are excited to work on the new computers.

The Rochester Adams High School Media Center received 173 new computers last week and 50 new laptops at the beginning of the year for student use.

“All the computers went to the four computer labs- rooms 214, 215, 251, and the media center as well as the teacher stations that needed replacing and the teacher workrooms,” said Media Specialist Ms. Brenda Carlson.

Carlson also mentions the general updates that students should expect to see as well as how they will affect students’ ability to get work done moving forward.

“The new computers are faster; they have faster hard drives which should cut down on log -in time, wait time, and page loading time so long as the internet is working the way it’s supposed to,” said Carlson.

Students welcome the changes and find that it helps them get their work done more efficiently than before.

“They’re definitely updated, and I suppose they work a little bit faster which makes it a good addition,” said junior Javeria Kahn.

Senior Jordan Carlson agrees that the updated computers will benefit student endeavors.

“I think they’re bound to help students basically because they’re not wasting as much of our time.  Before we were just spending all of our time attempting to log on, and now we have a lot more time to do things rather than just sitting around waiting for the computers,” said Carlson.

Overall, the general reception of the technology department’s updates is unanimously positive amongst students, and the faster computers will undoubtedly be more effective than the old tortoises before them.