Adams High School Honors Veterans


Shelby Smith

Veterans visit Adams during a Military Appreciation luncheon.

Local veterans were honored when Adams hosted a Military Appreciation Luncheon on November 13 in honor of Veterans Day.
Military personnel, including Rochester Community Schools Superintendent, Dr. Robert Shaner, former Captain in the U.S. marines, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Mike Updike, and U. S. Marine Colonel Mark Gerhard, attended the lunch. Adams students were also invited to attend along with their military family members.
“It was a really nice ceremony. Mr. Ferden also gave a nice speech about his father’s military experience, and the band played a song with different parts dedicated to each branch of the military,” said Senior Sarah Mason, who attended the ceremony with her grandpa Allen Babcock.
Adams Principal Mr. Kevin Cummings began the ceremony with a speech, and The Military Color Guard and the Adams Band performed as well.
“It was really nice to see that they honored all of the branches of the military, and it made my grandpa really happy,” said Mason.
Adams sophomores were also given the opportunity to attend presentations given by former and current members of the U.S. Military during their history classes on Thursday.
“It was great to hear from veterans who have served our country and touching to hear about their experiences,” said sophomore Shelby Smith.
Thank you veterans for all that you have done to serve the United States!