Adams Announces Six Staff Retirements

Teachers Mrs. Winkler, Mr. Wieten, and Mrs. Wieten gather for one last group photo before retiring from Rochester Adams High School.

Photo by: Nick Cimino

Teachers Mrs. Winkler, Mr. Wieten, and Mrs. Wieten gather for one last group photo before retiring from Rochester Adams High School.

Nick Cimino, Staff Writer

Students spend five days a week in a classroom, learning different subjects and new material. They often complain about the workload.  However, often many forget that, along with students, teachers sacrifice their time in order to teach and inspire students to grow each day. Teachers impact students’ lives in many ways,  just as a parent or guardian does.

Three teachers – Mr. Joe Wieten, Mrs. Robin Wieten,  and Mrs. Colleen Winkler -,along with Special Education teacher, Mrs. Deborah Boney, counseling office secretary  Mrs.Kathy Mieszczak, and attendance secretary Mrs. Fay Senft will be leaving the Rochester Adams family with their retirement at the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

Mrs. Winkler teaches AP Literature and is the adviser for the Adams school newspaper, The Kilt. Winkler has been teaching at Adams for 32 years. Upon leaving Adams this year, she reflected on her experiences at the school.

“I am going to miss the students and the friends I’ve made at Adams – some of whom I have known for over 20 years,” said Winkler. “My favorite memories at Adams all involve the Adams Kilt, the school newspaper. The Kilt and its staff is one of the main reasons I come to work every day,” said Winkler.

Additionally, she has some advice for incoming Highlanders.

“My advice for future Highlanders is to avoid rushing through high school and take advantage of the clubs and activities that are a part of the school community,” said Winkler.

Mr. Wieten has taught biology at AHS for 30 years,  and is  known for his humor, kindness, and. of course, his famous tortoise named Merlin.

“I am going to miss making corny jokes and teaching intellectual subjects to the students the most,” said Wieten. Field trips are a key part of teaching biology at Adams, and Wieten will miss these trips very much.

“My favorite Adams memories are from the field trips and excursions we would go on based on the subject we were teaching,” said Wieten.

Mr. Wieten believes it is important to make content relevant to students.

“The most important aspect of being a teacher is making a connection between the subject I am teaching and the students who I am teaching and their lives,” said Wieten.

Mrs. Robin Wieten has taught French for 32 years.  Mrs. Wieten particularly loves teaching foreign language.

“Foreign language is great because I can talk a lot and interact with the students every day,” said Wieten. She also believes that the best part of Rochester Adams is the students.

“I am going to miss the students the most because they keep us young, they are fun to be with, laugh a lot, and I get to hear many perspectives on things like current events,” said Wieten. Like Mr. Wieten, Mrs. Wieten cherishes the field trips associated with the subject she teaches.

“My favorite Adams memories are the trips to France with the students because they can truly use their language and it is fun to see them become more independent and thoughtful,” said Wieten. Finally, Mrs. Wieten has some encouraging advice for incoming Highlanders.

“Be very active, join clubs and activities, and work hard. Grades do count so do a good job freshman year as the courses do get harder. Not everything is going to be perfect, but do your best and be honest,” said Wieten.

Students often take the important role teachers have for granted. Teachers contribute to a student’s growth in his or her life and help build characteristics needed to succeed in the future. Mrs. Winkler, Mr. Wieten, and Mrs. Wieten have impacted hundreds of students throughout their decades of teaching, each in their own unique way. Rochester Adams students, faculty, and families wish them a long and wonderful retirement as they reach the next phase in their lives.