Us Movie Review


Photo Credit: The Rolling Stone

The Wilson’s shadow family in their driveway.

Maddy Fleury, Editor In Chief

Looking for a thrilling story of unthinkable proportions? Something that makes you question social norms and the world’s unknown?

On March 22, 2019, Us began playing in theaters across the country. Directed by Jordan Peele, this mysterious film has horror seekers on the edge of their seats as a unique plot about shadow clone people unfolds.

Set in modern day, Adelaide Wilson returns to her childhood summer home with her husband and two children. As she recollects on a frightening experience from her past in this town, she struggles to cope with being back in the place that triggers her traumatic memories. Adelaide’s nightmares involve a girl she once came face to face with, one who looked and acted exactly like her. The ongoing fear, however, is that this girl is after her and her family.

“This movie always left me on the edge of my seat. I liked the buildup in the beginning, it was funny but also scary at the same time,” said senior Emma Curran.

As constant little consequences, or what Adelaide wants to believe are consequences begin happening one after another, Jason, Adelaide’s son, notices a family of four standing in the driveway one night. Before they know it, the family has broken into their house, masked and quiet. But it is not long before the family unmasks themselves, revealing faces which looks exactly like those of the Wilson family. They then explain that they are their shadow people, looking to take the lives had by the people who live happily under the sun.

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Us’s official movie cover.

After temporarily escaping the captivity of their shadows, the Wilsons move through the town and progressively discover more and more information, including the fact that everyone has a shadow person. After fighting against these people in what Adelaide discovers is a well-planned uprising, the Wilsons manage to survive, despite the fact that most of the world has been killed by their shadows. As they drive away from the town however, a flashback appears showing the young shadow Adelaide switching places with the original in a shocking plot twist.

“I thought the plot twist at the end was definitely very unexpected, but I was almost hoping for a little more to unfold at the end. I wish they answered more of our questions,” said senior Kevin Lopez.

Although this movie did not contain as many jump scares as expected, it did leave viewers constantly questioning their assumptions about what was going to happen. One moment the writers make their audience think one thing, and then the next moment portrays something completely different. Jordan Peele did an excellent job altering expectations and creating an unexpected ending. The details of the intricate film and the unanswered questions are what make Peele’s newest film so impressive.