Troye Sivan makes ‘WILD’ debut

This is Troyes second extended play

EMI Australia

This is Troye’s second extended play

Zoe Garden, Staff Writer

Troye Sivan took Youtube and the world by storm with the release of his first studio album. It seems as though he’s ready to do it again with his latest works, featured on the new EP, WILD. WILD is similar to his 2014 release, TRXYE, but 100 times better. It has a great mix of alternative and pop music that appeals to all kinds of people. This jam-packed, six-track EP has already become #1 in 40 countries on the iTunes charts.

WILD, named after the first track, is a bit of a misnomer. This calm, tranquil, and slow-paced EP is the exact opposite of what wild means. Troye’s sound is very “Lorde-esque” pop vibe with calm melodies that also make listeners want to get up and dance, which is what makes his sound so unique and different.

The title track, “WILD”, kicks off this EP and quickly pulls the listener into Troye’s unique pop sound. The song starts with people chanting the song’s name and Troye starts singing shortly after. The next two songs, “BITE” and “FOOLS” are much slower and have a more mellow vibe to them. But the next song, “EASE (feat. Broods)” picks right back up with faster melodies while still keeping the serene factor to the EP.

Troye Sivan wasn’t always involved in making music. In 2012, Troye started uploading videos to Youtube, blogging about his life and putting his original music out for people to hear. He even used this platform to come out as gay in 2013, becoming one of the faces of the gay Youtube community and a role model for LGBTQ+ kids everywhere.  These Youtube videos jumpstarted his singing career and in August of 2013, he was signed to an Australian record label called “EMI Australia”.

WILD is definitely an album that is worth buying for fans of this genre/type of music. All of the songs fit with the calm, peaceful mood of the album,  WILD is an album that can take someone to a different headspace – a different, calmer realm in your mind. The slow, tranquil theme of this album can help calm nerves and help feel the listener at peace with themselves.