‘The Long Night’, the Darkest Episode in Game of Thrones


Unedited screenshot taken by hd-report.com

The lighting at the beginning of ‘The Long Night’ was nearly pitch black.

Ant Bruley, Staff Writer

The night is dark and full of terrors.

This was especially apparent in the latest Game of Thrones. The white walkers finally caught up with the heroes at Winterfell, and the battle became the largest consecutive battle sequence of all time at approximately 45 minutes.

The battle features the reunion of many important characters. First, the battle takes place one day after the surviving Stark children were reunited, each of which led an important role in the defense of their home.

Sansa, the Eldest daughter, became the lady of Winterfell and the diplomatic leader of the northerners under the wall. Jon, the adopted son of Ned Stark, became king in the north and a war hero for the north and the wildlings. Bran, the second youngest son, became the three-eyed raven, the legendary prophet that knows everything past, present, and future. Arya Stark, the youngest daughter, became a master swordsman, and a skilled assassin.

The battle also showcases all of the major houses working together. The battle is led by the Targaryens and the Starks, with help from the two male Lannisters, Theon Greyjoy, and weapons made by Gendry, the son of King Baratheon.

Fans predicted many, if not all, of the main characters involved, would die, but luckily that was false. Even so, there were still a few major deaths.

Jorah Mormont, the bodyguard and unrequited lover of Daenerys Targaryen, died protecting her from the unrelenting onslaught of wights. Edd, one of three remaining Night’s Watchmen, died protecting Sam. Lady Mormont died while fighting a giant white walker. Beric, the undying knight, died for the final for good while protecting Arya. Theon died while taking on the Night King and buying Bran time. The Night King died by Arya’s hands, with the dagger that killed little finger. Finally, Melisandre died after the battle by taking off the necklace that kept her young. She

Screenshot of Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 by Time Magazine.
Beric Dondarrion, the undying knight, was brought resurrected by the Lord of Light to sacrifice himself in order to protect Arya Stark during the Battle of Winterfell.

and Beric both died to serve the lord of light’s goal of having Arya kill the Night King.

In the end, the battle was immense and featured most of the main and supporting characters in the show. However, fans were not too happy with the way the battle played out. Many fans were split about the lighting quality during the show.

The entire episode took place in the dead of night. Despite all of the fire used in the battle, it still looked pitch black. However, this setting also allowed for a greater fear factor. While many voiced their complaints on social media, seniors, Chris Conklin and Olivia Cieplak, enjoyed the lighting of the show.

“I felt that it was a very good battle scene and I like that the director filmed it in a naturally dark setting,” said Conklin.

The lighting made the army of the undead appear to be a black mass that overtook our heroes during the battle sequence. At the beginning of the fight, fans saw an entire army of horsemen swallowed up by darkness. This left fans searching through the darkness for any survivors that may have somehow escaped the wave of shadow that overtook the horde.

“I don’t think the lighting was that bad, it actually really helped keep me confused as to what side of the battle was winning and left me searching for who died and who didn’t,” said Cieplak.

Overall, the episode was an end to a major plotline. It finally ended the fight between the living and the dead. Also, all of the characters connected to the lord of light have completely died off. However, the episode´s amazing plot was lackluster in regards to the lack of lighting that left some viewers dissatisfied.