Student Spotlight: William Addison

Addison rehearsing for Alice in Wonderland.

Jeanelle Segal

Addison rehearsing for Alice in Wonderland.

Katie Rath, editor

The role of Senior Class President is a very coveted role at Rochester Adams High School.

During the third week of school, Student Council held elections for the Senior Class President. By the end of the day, the votes had been tallied, and William Addison was declared the next Senior Class President of Adams High School. People may know of Will Addison, but do they really know him? And what does it actually mean to have Will Addison as our Senior Class President?

Q: To start off, what exactly is your role as the Senior Class President?

A: I help Mrs. Wilson at the end of the year. Most of my duties happen at the end of the year, like with the honors convocation, a small speech at graduation, and robe distribution. Other than that, really nothing. I am in charge of planning all the high school reunions though.

Q: What made you want to apply in the first place?

A: When I was a freshman, I looked up to the Senior Class President. He was like a role model for me. I didn’t know him extremely well, but he was just admirable in his qualities. I hope that people look up to me the same way.

Q: What are your plans now that you are Senior Class President?

A: I have already worked on this in another realm, but like eating my lunch right now, the amount of waste the school produces is kind of obscene in a way. Even though everything here is nice, and I think it could only be augmented positively. For example, like changing out disposable styrofoam plates, cups, and napkins with more sustainable options. That’s something I have been trying to move into, or have been moving into.

Q: What does it mean to you to have been elected?

A: Honestly, it’s very nice to know that all of my peers in our grade thought of me high enough  to vote me into this position. It was nice to know they respect me and trust me enough to lead them, in whatever fashion, even though they did not really know. It was just gratifying to say the least.

Q: Now focusing on you personally, what are some interesting facts about yourself?

A: I speak three languages, it’s not quirky, just an interesting fact. I lived in China and Germany for three years each. My favorite food is a combination of green bean casserole or kabob. There’s a specific order on order. In Germany there was this Arabic shop, and they were explaining the structure on the meat stack on the spit. The kabob has to alternate lamb, beef, lamb, beef; otherwise it does not taste correctly. 

Q: What are your hobbies, or what do you spend your free time doing?

A:  I do a lot of homework. Homework is usually what I spend my time doing. I’m usually at the school until six or six thirty. Most Monday’s I’m here until nine for theatre, robotics, various clubs after school, and drum line. In my free time I really just like investigating. Investigating as in looking into things. If something pops in my mind, I I like to know what something is about. I think one activity I really enjoy doing outside of the things I have to do, is reading philosophy. I really like old philosophers and reading books about morals and things like that. My favorite is Plato’s Republic or Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Jeanelle Segal
Addison was voted Senior Class President for the 2019-2020 school year.

Q: Do you know what you want to do with your life after high school? College, careers, etc.

A: I want to be a computer scientist. The goal for a long time was a minor in astrophysics, but I don’t know anymore. My plan is changing a little bit, but for sure computer science and maybe a different minor. I’m applying to Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of MIchigan, Purdue University, and CalTech.

Q: Any messages you want to share with everyone?

A: Have a great year and enjoy the journey!

Almost everyone wants to leave some sort of mark in high school. Whether it be the captain of the football team, or Senior Class President, an impact is an impact. And Addison’s impact is just getting started.