Student Spotlight: Grace Lee


Photo by: Nick Cimino

Listen to Grace Lee’s album, Darling, on Spotify and iTunes.

Nick Cimino, Staff Writer

Grace Lee has a tough talent that can only be pulled off by few: singing. Lee has come far in her singing career already, and it is only the beginning.

Like many singers, Lee has been singing her whole life. “ I sang all the time as a little kid, but I didn’t start singing in public until about 7th grade, when I tried out for Rochester Idol,” said Lee.

A fun hobby for Lee as a little kid blossomed into something new as people started to notice her incredible voice. “I then started performing at small places and people started to ask me to make copies, and that’s when my singing started to really take off.”

Lee has recently released an album, Darling, on Spotify and iTunes, where it can be listened to around the nation. The album consists of five songs, each with its own meaning and creative spin on her lyrics and voice.

“I really enjoy her music. It’s refreshing compared to the music now repeatedly played on the radio,” said Sophomore Katie Miller. “It’s amazing how someone from our school can do this with raw talent.”

One of the five captivating songs, Darling, means something more to Lee. “The first song I ever wrote was Darling, so that one is close to my heart,” said Lee. “It’s about telling someone how beautiful they are and how altogether, they are lovely and unique.” The whole album is very special to Lee, as it is the first professionally written album she has ever made.

“I love Darling. It’s such an emotional and unique song for listeners,” said Sophomore Caroline Gugliemetti.

In addition to creating her own album, Lee was featured in two Olive Garden commercials played on national television.

Lee also does a program through Pontiac that impacts many kids in a positive way. “I’m in a program called K-Rock in Pontiac, where after school we have music classes, dance with kids, and use it as a way to empower them and help them with music,” said Lee.

Lee has been an inspiration for many singers in the making; she stands as an example to everyone that has a dream they want to make a reality. “Just keep doing what you’re doing, keep growing with your singing, and just have fun,” said Lee.

This is not the end for Lee. Though over time she has pushed her limitations and accomplished many goals, she aspires to accomplish even more in her singing career throughout her life.

“Her voice is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see what she does in the future,” said Sophomore Grace Antonelli.