RiSING to the Top


Photo by: Kelly Chang

Hurry to the nearest theater to buy tickets to Sing.

Kelly Chang, Staff Writer

What can be better than dancing pigs, a saxophone-playing mouse, and a guitar-rocking porcupine?

Commercials for the much-anticipated Sing have been plastered on TV screens, websites, social media platforms, etc. On December 21, Illumination Entertainment finally released the animated musical comedy, Sing. The film features the voices of many well-known stars, including Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Taron Egerton, Scarlett Johansson, Tori Kelly, Seth MacFarlane, and more.

The film is centered on Buster Moon (McConaughey), an enthusiastic Koala Bear who is about to lose his most prized possession- his theater. In order to save the building, Moon holds a singing competition, offering a prize of $1,000 to bring people into the theater.

A variety of animals audition, all in hopes of becoming a star. One such competitor is Rosita (Witherspoon). Rosita is a mother of 25 piglets, who is hoping to prove her voice is anything but ordinary.

Next up is Mike (MacFarlane), a smooth, jazz-loving mouse who believes his style will beat out the competition. Following Mike is Ash (Johansson), a punk-styled teen porcupine who is going through a heartbreak and trying to find herself. Another participant is Johnny (Egerton), the gorilla son of a mobster who can carry a tune as sweet as honey. Finally, there is Meena (Kelly), a shy and sweet elephant aspiring to show the world her voice.

When Moon discovers his $1,000 prize has actually been advertised as $100,000, the koala works his tail off in order to scrape the prize money together.

The animated film has been wildly popular among kids and families. The story is fun, heartwarming, and incredibly relatable.

“The movie was super cute and fun to watch,” said senior Jessica Doty.

In addition, each character is easy to identify with; it ranges from Johnny, a teen who wants to please his dad, to Meena, the shy elephant hoping to overcome her fears and to find her confidence. The audience also gets a kick out of watching the characters perform various musical acts.

“It [the movie] made me want to get up and sing along,” said senior Aaron Coburn.

Overall, Sing seems to be well received by all, and is well worth watching. The movie is currently showing at AMC Theaters and Emagine.