“Prism”: Intriguing and funky ★★★½


“Prism” is Katy Perry’s fourth studio album.

Pop icon Katy Perry  released her new and highly anticipated album Prism late last year. Katy appeared on Saturday Night Live to sing her hit single “Roar,” in addition to a new song from Prism called “Walking on Air”. It was a solid performance and got all her fans pumped for the albums debut.

Her song “Roar” was a great start to a memorable album. It received an astonishing 557,024 downloads in its first week of release. It also spent several weeks at the top of the charts. Katy Perry officially holds the record of longest run at the top of the chart for a female artist this decade!

This album will definitely make a big boom in today’s pop culture. It is a good example for her newfound independence and self-respect. Katy also says that she does not want this new album to be a Teenage dream 2.0; she wants to branch off and do something different than her other albums, even though they did so well.

Katy has really gone in a different direction for this album. The sounds of Prism are heavily inspired by Swedish dance music. The song “Love Me” embodies Swedish dance music because of the fast beat and the tempo of the song.

This album incorporates songs about past experiences and emotions. Her song “By the Grace of God” is a sorrowful song about struggles that Katy had faced, mostly pain from a broken heart. She had to overcome many obstacles. God was her savior throughout her hard times, and he got her through it, she came out on top. After her divorce from Russell Brand in 2011, Katy Perry had plenty of inspiration and drives; he was most likely the muse for “By the Grace of God”.

One of the best songs on the album is “Dark Horse”, because it has an R&B feel to it and features rapper Juicy J. The rap portions of the song add a unique beat to the song and incorporate the R&B, Juicy J raps slowly so that the song is easier to follow along with. This song is fun to listen to and makes the listener want to sing along and dance around the room.

Another favorite song off the album is “Legendary lovers”. This song is about falling in love and going on dates; something a lot of people can relate to. This song can make anyone daydream about their legendary lovers. The bohemian sounds of the song makes listeners feel free and emotional.

Additionally, the song “International smile” is another excellent song. It is about a glamorous girl who makes everyone stare and does whatever she wants while traveling the world, going from place to place, and never looking back. The song has a jazzy sense with a modernistic twist.  This is a great inclusion to her album because it adds flare and excitement.

Katy is such an inspiration and an icon to countless young girls and boys. “Prism” lives up to its expectation with its intriguing and funky sounds that draw the listener in with its flawless lyrics and its relatable themes.