Pokémon GO or Pokémon No Go?


Photo by: Kelly Chang

Train your Pokémon to dominate the game!

Kelly Chang, Staff Writer

The phrase “Gotcha!” has become a common notification for players of the popular game Pokémon GO. Left and right, people are running around, trying to complete the task of capturing the wild creature that has appeared on their screens.

This summer, millions of kids were able to fulfill their lifelong dreams of becoming a Pokémon master. On July 6, 2016, Nintendo released Pokémon GO, an app that allows kids to digitally catch Pokémon in the real world. The app uses GPS technology to map out the world around players, so catching Pokémon becomes as realistic as possible.

As users walk along the streets in their neighborhood, they may encounter Pokémon, PokéStops, or Gyms. The Pokémon participants run into will range in size, level, and type. As expected, certain Pokémon will be fairly common and easy to catch, while others are more rare and more difficult to acquire. Places like PokéStops or Gyms allow users to interact with real-life locations to better their experience as a Pokémon master-in-training.

When the app was released, Pokémon GO hit a record-breaking number of downloads. Children and adults alike were playing the game, their phones never leaving their hands. The popularity grew and grew until recently, when interest suddenly started a steep decline. According to data collected by Axiom Capital Management, recent numbers have shown that the average number of users has dwindled.

Many of these former players are Adams students. “Yes I did [play Pokémon GO]…probably for a couple months,” said Senior Ashley Bomireto. “I still play it here and there, but only when I’m bored.”

As is evident, the hype for the app has certainly died down. A few students even have some theories as to why users have lost interest.

“I think they [other users] stopped playing because it was repetitive and…most people thought it was going to be like actual Pokémon in real life,” said Senior Anna Carl.

In order to enhance the playing experience, Nintendo has released a brand new product called Pokémon GO Plus. This new release is a small gadget attached to a wristband that allows players to play the game without constantly looking down at their screens. The device is connected to smartphones using bluetooth technology and notifies players with vibrations and LED lights. Whenever PokéStops and wild Pokémon are within the vicinity, the wristband will vibrate. In addition, Pokémon GO Plus allows players to collect items from PokéStops, as well as catching Pokémon with a press of a button.

Where did all the Pokémon GO?
Kelly Chang
Where did all the Pokémon GO?

With the launch of a new product, Nintendo remains hopeful Pokémon GO Plus will rekindle the interest of all players.