Overlord revives WWII Films with the undead


art by Ant Bruley

A rendition of Wagner, the main antagonist of Overlord.

Ant Bruley, Staff Writer

JJ Abrams, the producer of hits such as Lost and Star Wars Episode VII, has produced a new movie involving, D-Day and Zombies. This hardcore horror thriller stars Jovan Adepo as the main character, Boyce, a rookie African American private serving as a paratrooper for the United States. Their mission is to destroy a radio jammer behind enemy lines to allow air support for the invasion of Normandy.

The Paratrooper Unit is filled with Cliche Characters such as: Chase, the military photographer who is more engulfed in photography than the war effort, Dawson, the Mississippi born soldier who looks to be a war hero and write a book about his time in the war, Ford, the war-torn corporal and demolitions expert who had served in Italy prior to being demoted to this platoon, Chloe, the rebellious French girl that wants to liberate her town and get revenge on the regime, Rosenberg, the Jewish private who is also the only friend to Boyce, and Tibbet, the egocentric New York gangster-wannabe.

“Overlord was great, It seamlessly mixed a WWII film and a zombie film,” said senior Ethan Sayre.

The plot centers around their mission to destroy the tower at the church, but when accidentally wandering into the church, Boyce uncovers the darker side of the town. The Nazi’s kill the sick, the old, and the criminals in the town to refine their blood into a serum. The Serum is then used by the Nazi’s to make super soldiers out of the dead. It reanimates corpses and gives them superhuman strength.

WWII Bomber similar to the one in the film.

The film received heavily mixed critic reviews; Metacritic rated overlord at a meager sixty percent. While, on the other hand, Rotten Tomatoes rated it at eighty percent. While critically they are mixed, both sites share very similar user reviews. Rotten Tomatoes users gave it 76 percent and Metacritic users rated 72 percent (7.2 out of 10).

“The movie was dark, intense, and epic,” said senior Kyler O’Grady.

Overall, the film did its job. It provided viewers a great high budget nazi-zombie film. It included excellent visuals, a great soundtrack by Jed Kurzel, and great acting. If you are a zombie movie fan, this film is a must-see.