Lots of Love for Love Fest


Hope Bobbitt

Oliwia Pisko rehearses lines for The Penny Dreadfuls.

With auditions complete and the cast list posted, Adams ITS is ready to start rehearsing The Penny Dreadfuls for Love Fest. Love Fest, taking place January 30 and 31, is an annual theater festival held at Garber High School in Bay City, bringing several Michigan-based high school groups together for a day of fun and one-act performances.
“I’m excited to go because I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun. There’s not as much to stress about and it sounds like a really great experience. I’m also excited to meet the other theater kids,” said sophomore Sydney Mitchell.
The story follows a group of orphans and runaways who work as pickpockets for a corrupt professor. In a turn of events, their stolen treasures end up at a pawn shop run by two evil women. Business is booming at the shop, until the mysterious Mad Aggie appears on the scene seeking revenge.
Senior Lauren Miller, set designer and head painter, already has a vision for the set and is eager to begin construction.
“I’m really excited for the painting and the set for this one because it’s going to be awesome. I actually have a really good vision of it as well as sketches and a mock up done. We’re ahead of schedule and this should go fairly quickly because they’re all stock pieces we already have,” said Miller.