Four Stars for FOUR


One Direction’s New Album, FOUR

One Direction took the world, or rather teenage girls, by storm when they debuted on the British TV series The X Factor in 2010. After winning third place on the show, the group became famous worldwide and has released four studio albums since. Their newest album, FOUR, was released on November 17, thrilling “directioners” everywhere.

The new album is a mix of their usual fast-paced pop songs with some slower ballads. While most of their songs are radio-ready with catchy beats, they are also repetitive. The song “Fireproof” consists almost entirely of different sets of lyrics repeated two or three times in a row.

Their hit song, “Steal My Girl,” has a catchy beat and has already become extremely popular. However, the song’s possessive lyrics such as “she belongs to me” and the continuing use of possessive pronouns may prove to be offensive among some women. Despite these issues, the song reached the top of the iTunes singles chart on the first day of its release in both the U.S. and the U.K.

The  entire album, however, does not consist of repetitive lyrics. Some of their lyrics and beats are the best they have produced, such as “18”‘s line, “Long before we both thought the same thing. To be loved or to be in love”. The well-written lyrics and beautiful singing of the song “18” make it one of the album’s best. “Stockholm Syndrome” is another hidden gem in this album with its upbeat sound and “danceable” beat, making it quite popular.

While some of the album is made up of the same repetitive pop as their previous albums, giving it a 4/5 rating, One Direction saves the album with some of its bettersongs. The album will, of course, appeal to the huge fan-base the band has acquired over the years, but there is also something in this album for those who appreciate well made music, not just an attractive and talented group of boys.