Finding Fun 2021

Luke Bass, Staff Writer

In 2020, senior students across the country had their last year of high school completely ruined by Covid-19. They missed out on football games, homecoming, in-person classes, every fall sport, and much more that kids look forward to doing senior year. In the Rochester community, some students have taken matters into their own hands.

This past fall, a group of seniors from the three high schools in Rochester (Adams, Stoney Creek, and Rochester) organized a group called RCS Finding Fun. Their main goal is to organize events and activities for seniors to be able to attend safely, during the pandemic. Some of their ideas for events include a corn hole tournament, drive-in movie, Emagine movie rental, ski/snowboarding night, and even TikTok dance contests. 

One member of the Finding Fun group, senior Andrew Hebekeuser from Rochester High School has been working on the cornhole tournament. He hopes for a big turnout with fun to be had.

This is the flier the Finding Fun group posted online to advertise the food trucks on Wednesdays. (Luke Bass)

“We, as seniors, have missed out on way too many things that we should be enjoying in our last year of high school. I joined this group to give people the chance to do something fun with friends if they have not yet been able to,” said Hebekeuser. 

The first event starts Wednesday, March 10th. Seniors will be able to go to Avon North Hill Lanes, off of West Tienken Road, and get food from either the Little Donut Factory or Little Bros. Burgers food trucks. Depending on this week’s turnout, this event will happen every week on Wednesdays and there will be even more food trucks to choose from. 

Another senior from Rochester, Nick Terenzi, thinks that during the spring and summer, the Finding Fun group will really be able to start putting their ideas into action.

“I’m excited about this summer because I have been reaching out to other seniors at Rochester, and it sounds like we are going to be doing water wars. This is something I have been looking forward to since freshmen year, and now I finally get to be a part of it,” said Terenzi. 

The RCS Finding Fun group will continue to organize events and activities for seniors to take part in whenever they are looking to have some fun with friends in a safe environment.