Falling into Fall Fashion


Junior Caitlin Martens dresses up in cuffed jeans and accessorizes with an adorable scrunchie.

Sophia Williams, Editor

The leaves are falling, but the clothes are piling on. Fall fashion screams everything warm, layered, and perfectly cozy. New York Fashion week ended on September, 13, and the fashion community is buzzing with excitement. All sorts of new fall trends are hitting the market, along with the classic, well loved, autumn attire.

Following the hype of summer fashion, sheer fabrics, embroidery, velvet and velour are still ever so popular. Unlike the summertime; however, these breezy clothes need a warmer coating, so pair a sheer top with a velvet dress, or maybe layer with a thick coat. Adams senior Tigran Terterian strongly agrees with this fashion forward technique.

“Lots of layers!” said Terterian.

Pair a favorite coat with a belt to make it instantly chic, and streetwear ready. Fur coats, trench coats, and tailored jackets are super in, along with military-inspired outerwear. Speaking of the military, a strong, boxy, masculine silhouette is all the rage on the runway. Rummage local thrift stores, or a granny’s closet, for that perfect 80’s blouse, complete with shoulder pads and a bow neck neckline to achieve that broad-shouldered shape.

The fall season screams vintage, with styles from all kinds of decades; from victorian high-necked dresses and blouses, to 70’s ribbed knits and patterns, and 90’s moody florals. Along with classy victorian garb, gilded and intricate prints are making a elegant comeback. The warm-toned color scheme of the 70’s dominates this season’s palette with muted mustards, burnt oranges, and ruddy browns. Although, bright and bold red is a trendsetting color that was displayed unabashedly on the New York Fashion Week stage. Senior Mika Carl agrees that classic styles are still all the rage these days.

“Fall fashion seems to be pretty constant, boots and sweaters with the occasional scarf, but it never goes out of style,” said Carl.

As for more casual wear, pair a political top with cropped jeans. Politics are all that is on anyone’s minds and on everyone’s clothes. A graphic tee is a simple way to display a fashionably political statement. Messily cropped jeans or corduroy pants are also quite on trend. Whether they are rolled up or hacked off, cropping is essential, do not let bare pant legs dangle.

Classic fits and flares as well as spunky new styles are well on their way to the shelves. Grab some Halloween candy, a big ol’ pumpkin, and a spectacularly fashionable outfit… Autumn fashion is here.