Escape Room Movie Review


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Escape Room Movie Trailer Poster

Want the constant feeling of chills going down the spine? Interested in puzzles and clues? Escape Room was released on January 4, 2019. This sci-fi/ mystery thriller classified film is PG-13 and a big hit among thriller critics. Escape Room was directed by Adam Robitel and has made a $37.70 million gross revenue with the $9 million estimated budget.

The movie takes place at an abandoned warehouse where six random people are chosen with unique backgrounds to participate in the game. Little do they know what they are getting themselves into. Each of the six characters is presented with a mysterious black box that is a puzzle. When they all figure out how to open the box, there is a $10,000 prize for whoever is able to escape this inescapable dangerous room. All the characters can not give up the change to win $10,000.

“If I was offered $10,000 to try to escape a room I would do it no matter what,” said junior Maxine Koos.

Later in the movie, the characters find themselves needing to work together to try and escape. When errors are made, sadly, death occurs. In the end, the characters face challenges that no human should be faced with. The ending to Escape Room is not the expected, which is one of the key elements that makes this movie worth seeing in theaters. The film will leave the viewers on the edge of their seats from the suspense. 

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Solving the mysterious black box.


“I would recommend Escape Room, but if you do not like thriller movies this would be an extremely scary movie for you,” said senior Lawren Williams.

Escape Room will most definitely make the viewers scared to participate in real life escape rooms because there will always be a “what if” in the back of their heads. Furthermore, the challenges the characters face are unique; not the typical “need to find a key in a box” sort of deal. The whole set up of the movie will grab the viewer’s attention to the point where they will not even want to the leave the theaters for a bathroom break. To continue, the viewers will be questioning who will end up winning the $10,000 because there are no clear indicators of who will win as everyone has a fair chance. Overall, Escape Room is a unique thriller that adds exaggerated effects to the real-life escape rooms to make this film a real jaw-dropper.