COIN and Colony House make electric debut


Audrey Wang

Drummer Ryan Winnen (left) and lead singer Chase Lawrence (right)

Tennessee native bands COIN and Colony House are making their way to Michigan and even performed at the Crofoot in Pontiac earlier this November. While both bands may come from the same place, COIN and Colony House have distinctly different sounds that complement each other charmingly. With COIN’s famed “product of the 90’s” music, and Colony House’s “stripped down rock n’ roll,” the two bands’ music resonated through the night.

COIN first took the stage with “I Would,” a song beginning with a soft ballad that quickly flows into an energetic chorus with a memorable guitar riff. The four-man band quickly raised spirits even more with “Atlas,” and “Time Machine,” both invigorating songs from their debut self-titled album, COIN. Chase Lawrence, the lead vocalist and keyboardist, knew how to excite the crowd, jamming out on his keyboard, never letting his feet stand still. His energy and impressive vocal range was only heightened by the support of his bandmates – Joe Memmel (guitarist), Zachary Dyke (bassist), and Ryan Winnen (drummer).

After the energy-driven beginning, excitement lingered in the air as the magical synth-pop beginnings of “It’s a Trap” rang out. This song is noticeably different from the rest of their indie-pop like music, and sounds much more like The Cure or The Strokes, both 80’s rock bands.

Quickly going back to a more infectious energy, they ended the night with songs “Holy Ghost,” “Better,” “Run,” and “Fingers Crossed.” Nearly all songs off the album were played, but the night was not over.

Colony House, a three-piece band, took the stage right after, setting up their guitars and microphones themselves. This band of brothers (literally), featuring vocalist Caleb Chapman, drummer Will Chapman and guitarist Scottie Mills, released a whopping 14 song debut album, When I Was Younger. The album includes songs dating back to their high school years.

Their sound is more toned down and less synth-pop than COIN. Colony House prides itself on a playing more “stripped-down” version of rock’n’roll. The set kicked off with “Second Guessing Games,” one of their more upbeat, popular songs to get the crowd going. From there, they went through their album with songs like “Roll With the Punches,” and “Caught me by Surprise,” before surprising the crowd with a new song, “You Know It.”

Lead vocalist Caleb inserted many small monologues between each song, engaging the audience. His sentimental quip, “This was the first love song I ever wrote,” before singing “Learning How to Love,” captured the audience, making the performance seem more intimate.

Colony House performed a few more songs off  their new album, and ended the night with their most popular hit, “Silhouettes,” bringing the evening back from emotionally charged ballads to a more happy, indie-pop feeling.

Even though this is not COIN or Colony House’s first time crossing the country, it is their first time headlining a tour. COIN has opened and toured with Walk the Moon and Neon Trees, both popular bands with huge fan bases. Colony House is no exception, having toured with NeedtoBreathe, Switchfoot, and even performing on the show Late Night with Seth Meyers.

This tour will certainly be a big break for both bands as they travel the U.S. and pick up even more fans along the way.