ADAMSPALOOZA: A Week in Review


Homecoming court at the pep-assembly.

The week of October 3rd, Adams High School boosts school spirit and pride with Homecoming spirit week and events. All week, students participated in fun spirit days that were chosen by the enthusiastic Student Council; Decades Day, “Faster Horses” Day, Under the Lights, and Class T-Shirt day. To spring into the long weekend, the Student Council also put together a fun and interactive pep-assembly on Thursday, followed by the Homecoming football game Friday night, and the highly anticipated Homecoming dance on Saturday.

To begin the pep-assembly, the Adams Choir sang a beautiful rendition of the national anthem, followed by a video advertisement for Homecoming put together by the Adams StuCo. Then, students were brought to their feet to sing and dance along with the Adams Radio’s concert-esque performance of Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u” and Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby”; as well as senior Tré Williams’, also known as IC3TR3’s, performance of songs originally written and sung by him.

Then, the moment everyone had been eagerly waiting for; the Homecoming Court was announced. Congratulations to seniors Alana Steimel and Zoe Hoenig for being awarded the Highlander Highnesses after receiving the most votes.

Homecoming sign supplied by the Adams StuCo. Adams student council Instagram.

“Being on Hoco Court was a huge surprise for me, but I had a blast! It was so amazing to dress up and walk at the football game and at the assembly. I’ll remember this experience forever,” said senior Emily Minton, who was voted onto Homecoming Court.

The ceremony was followed by games and competitions that annually display the Highlander pride of the students. The first was a blind dating game with senior Jake Lyons choosing between the responses of four representatives from each grade level, with the juniors rep taking the victory. Next, each grade level along with their representatives competed in a scavenger hunt for a variety of items. It was a close call, but the juniors came out on top.

For a brief intermission, varsity fall sports teams were announced and recognized, ending with a thrilling hip-hop routine executed by the Adams Dance Team.

“We practice at 5:45 AM every week in preparation for our performances, and hip-hop is not the primary style for most of our dancers, so bringing together our pep-assembly (performance) was a struggle. But our performance got a really great response in comparison to last year, so we’re all really happy with it,” said senior dance captain Caroline Mahfet.

Next, it was back to the games with the infamous tug-a-war battle, which predictably resulted in the seniors humiliating the underclassmen and reclaiming their spot on the top of the food-chain.

Finally, the assembly closed with performances from the Adams Marching Band Drumline, the Adams Cheer Team, and the Boys Dance Team competition. Although the freshmen put on one of the better shows in recent history and took second place, the seniors pulled out another victory.

The Adams Varsity Football Team in the midst of a touchdown.

The party train kept chugging through to Friday, where Adams wiped the turf with the Stoney Creek Cougars, 44-18. This was emphasized by senior Tate Picot tackling a Stoney player to the point of lifting him in midair and throwing him back down with intimidating confidence.

At last, the day of Homecoming arrived, which was quite cold, but Adams students came together to have a great time in their best attire, dancing to music provided by DJ Suspenda and ending a long, exciting week of Homecoming spirit.