Adams Choir is a Singing Success

The Rochester Adams concert choir has gone through many changes over the past few years. One thing that has never changed is the expectations and success of the group, even after falling under new management.

The Adams choir found itself in a precarious situation during the 2021-22 school year. With a small group of kids returning to their first full year back in a classroom in three years, the 21 Adams choir students were excited to get back to singing. 

However, they received unexpected news within a month before school was scheduled to begin. Longtime Adams Choir Director, Thomas Blue, was leaving the school district. This left choir students in a state of shock and confusion, because for many, it was the first time they would be taught to sing by somebody other than Blue.

Megan Saletta stepped in to fill those large shoes, and although it was quite an adjustment for her and the students alike, she certainly did not disappoint. In her first year as the Adams Choir Director, Saletta led her students to successful concerts in the fall, winter, spring, and at graduation, as well as a near perfect score at the MSVMA District Choral Festival at Stoney Creek High School.

“I think she’s done a great job (stepping in for Blue), she’s really been inclusive of everybody, and she makes sure that everybody has a spot and a place,” said Senior Adams Choir Member, Andre Creson.

Senior Choir Student Andre Creson and Sophomore Choir Student Owen Kleber pose for the camera with Choir Director Megan Saletta during class.

Saletta has brought a new energy to the Adams choir that hasn’t been experienced before. Every student is ready to come to class and sing, and they all enjoy the calm atmosphere where everyone is a friend to everyone else. Now in her second year, Saletta has been able to draw in the largest number of new students in years, growing the class size to 32.

“I’m really excited for the program to be growing and for the additional concerts we’re doing on our concert cycle this year,” said Saletta.

Adams does not anticipate slowing down this year, either. They plan to sing fall, winter, and spring concerts, attend choral festival again, and sing at graduation for the Class of 2023. Their next performance will be at the homecoming pep assembly during the school day on October 6, where they will kick off the event by singing the Star-Spangled Banner. The Adams Choir is ready to leap into action, and they are excited the first of many crowds they will amaze this year is that of their fellow students.

Saletta directs the Adams Choir during their Spring 2022 concert. (Photo Credit: Rochester Adams HS Choir Facebook)